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CreateAbility believes that each-and-every person with an intellectual disability has their own, unique skillset and talents to bring to their work environment. Assistive Technology simply brings it to light!

The Employment Suite can help increase your employees’ confidence and ability to excel in the workplace while helping vocational rehabilitation professionals and job coaches manage employees more effectively and efficiently.


MeMinder 4.0 is the newest task-prompting App for people with intellectual disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

MeMINDER: For individuals who need daily prompts and instructions for their daily to-do’s. MeMinder has a library of over 200+ tasks and the ability for care providers to create and customize tasks that are unique or need to be relevant to your client’s environment.  Care providers can manage one or multiple clients on one dashboard, check progress, adjust tasks accordingly and communicate with other staff members with ease.

The Employment Suite:  Think MeMinder for work!  Same user-friendly interface for the persons being served restructured with a more customized dashboard to serve the unique needs of vocational rehabilitation professionals.


Evalu8NOW:  The same platform that helps CreateAbility’s clients measure health and wellness between in-person visits has been retooled to measure employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and relationships with care providers and job coaches. The data provided by Evalu8Now helps agencies and organizations move from reactive to proactive employee management and improve job sustainability.

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